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Suburban Decline

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Been trying to post this for a while, but alas, read only mode prevails... [Mar. 8th, 2005|07:48 pm]
Suburban Decline

Over the summer, some friends and I explored the North Princeton Regional Development Center in Skillman, NJ...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Check out the rest...Collapse )
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First post in here [Feb. 13th, 2005|05:19 pm]
Suburban Decline
also a member of urban_decay

Manlius NYCollapse )
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A Rainy Day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana [Feb. 8th, 2005|05:57 pm]
Suburban Decline
what is this?Collapse )
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Tempe, Arizona [Feb. 7th, 2005|11:15 pm]
Suburban Decline

2 photos behind cutCollapse )
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S'more from Audubon, NJ [Feb. 6th, 2005|12:21 pm]
Suburban Decline

[Current Music |Thompson Twins; Hold Me Now]

6 more behind the cut.Collapse )
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First post in my new community! Yay! [Feb. 5th, 2005|07:51 pm]
Suburban Decline

[Current Music |Randy newman; Pleasantville Suite]

Taken in an alley next to a hardware store in Audubon, NJ.

6 behind the cut, kinda wide.Collapse )
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